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photoLast time, I started with talking about first class trips which should catch readers’ interests but the first priority of this trip is indeed “Round the World trip”. I’ve been thinking about this for years. Although some people advised me like “You are so young. You could work very hard for now and go everywhere after the retirement”, I guess it’s too late. Thinking about these two, “shouldn’t have done it” and “should’ve have done it”, the latter would be much more regretful, wouldn’t it? I’d like my twenties to be absolutely eventful and meaningful to my entire life. To do so, setting up the journey at this point won’t be a bad decision though it would be nice to go for a round the world cruising after the retirement.

Besides, there is a Japanese saying “Let your dear child travel” in other words, travel broadens your mind.

Real Intense Experiences

I believe travelling definitely helps you grow up. Drawing up detailed plans, interacting with other values at different countries, making a new friends from all over the world, maybe the allocated time at one place will be very short but with a keen awareness of the daily life, I’ll be able to enjoy wonderful time at each site. Actually, I don’t have any particular destinations such as a savanna at Africa or Champs Elysees at Paris. I just want to have real intense experiences which I wouldn’t find if I remained in Japan and broaden my capacity through this trip. This is the prime purpose of this trip.

And the phrase “real intense experience” connects the two words “first class” and “backpacker” which seem bit contradictory at the first sight. First class which treats you with absolute high standard services, and on the other hand, backpacking which forces you to do everything by yourself, even though these two travel styles differs from each other completely, both of them share the sheer pleasure of travelling. I’d rather go for extreme than settle for mediocrity and have ordinary trip. There will be much more fun.

Appreciate Diversities

To appreciate diversities, this is the point I have in my mind in these days. A full course at a three star restaurant and a hamburger at a fast food restaurant, each of them have its own tastes and I’d like to myself enjoy both.

Generally speaking, people who use first class flights don’t use dorm rooms, don’t they? But in fact cheap hostels are quite enjoyable. Besides, I’d rather prefer them than decent hotels because there are many exciting new encounters. As a solo traveler, I sometimes need someone to talk with and it’s easier to find suitable people who are in the same situation at hostels.

And generally speaking, people who use dorm rooms -I’m rather at this side- don’t use first class flights don’t they? Oh, to be precise, “can’t use”. As I posted the previous entry, the financial issue is not a big deal if you try earnestly. It really depends on the person’s mind. And I suppose stretching yourself is very important. Though it’s beyond my position, experiencing the higher world is the key to archive there. If I keep seeking to be there with the clear visual from the small experiences, I will eventually reach the place.

Best of the both worlds

First class and backpacking, I hope these two cause a sort of chemistry and bring real intense & rare experiences.
Well, these are the official reason of this trip and another one will be told at the next entry.

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31st (Sat)
Oct 2009

First Class Backpacker

photoRound the world trip, my dream. Especially, since 2005 when I'd been to Australia for studying English and learnt the joy of the life in abroad, the desire towards the new trip has been growing stronger and stronger. And finally, it's time to set up the journey. At the very last day of 2009, I'm going on a round the world trip with my huge backpack. What is more, I'd add one more stimulating concept for this as a round the world backpacking is no longer rare in these days. What about using first class flights?

It's too expensive

Flights on first class seats, it's a dream world isn't it? Comfortable full-flat seats, delicious foods at 30000 feet, luxurious lounges, as an ordinary person who basically chooses the cheapest seat, I yarned for sitting on those seats whenever the obvious differences confront me. Were I to purchase a real first class seat however, it would actually set me back ridiculously high price. For instance, JAL website estimated $US20,000 .approx for a round trip flight between Narita(Tokyo) and NY although the very same routes but economy and from local travel agencies would cost less than $US1,000. 20 times price difference is discouraging enough to surrender the wish even if there could be absolutely high standard services.

A bypass!?

Well, it's only a dream world where I might possibly get in if I keep earning mileages using credit cards for some 5 years. I had been thinking like this but did notice one significant fact. Round the World Tickets would give us a cheaper alternative access to the upper class seats. [Round the World Tickets : a special ticket from air line alliances such as One World and Star Alliance. I'll mention the detail later. ] I did know the existence of this ticket but the new founding is that actually their price range of upper classes are 'relatively' affordable. For example, One World Global Explorer (5 continents) which I'm going to use have these settings, First:$US13,000, Economy:$US4,500; in other words, the difference is less than 3 times only. Besides some tax and fuel fee which are basically the same in all classes are required and this makes the difference even smaller. Incidentally, if I use a long haul flight like between Sydney and London, the price of the normal single flight is almost equivalent to the whole price of the RTW ticket. I reckon it's quite reasonable.

It's a chance to get into.

It is indeed my dream trip. Even though 80K is such a big deal, considering that using RTW tickets is a precondition and 16 times luxurious flights are very seductive, I decided to go for this. (Mind you, this figure is very theoretical. In actuality, quite a few flights are operating without first class and in this case I'm going to use business class. Anyway, it should be far much better than economy.) But I'm not going on a full package of the frist class trip including accommodation and meals. I'm not that rich unfortunately. Instead of staying at Ritz and Hyatt, I'll basically use domitory rooms at budget hostels. Therefore, it's First Class Backpacker. I'm going to do real backpacking and this should be the joy of travels indeed. Maybe I'll write about it later.

Well then,

This is the start of an unusual trip "First Class Backpacker". Stay updated with this blog. I'll post some preparataion topics before departure and of course, travelogues with a bunch of photos at each sites during the trip. Dear friends from all over the world, I'm looking forward to seeing you at your countries.

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