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Wallpaper April 2011 Although it's bit late for the beginning of the month, the calendar of this month is Galata Bridge which connects Istanbul's old and new town. The colour of the summer is its navy blue sky.

B.T.W, I've moved out from the accommodation which I spend six months since coming back to Japan. Upgrading from a typical cheap, dirty and compact guest house, which was in fact by far the most messy place of my round the world trip experience, the new accommodation has a decent private room and a single bed. Though it's also a guest house style, the new place more than enough to my needs.

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First Class Backpacker Random Photo GalleryFinally, I'm pound to announce the launch of my travel photo gallery "First Class Backpacker Random Photo Gallery"
I've been developing this site for months. In fact I'd made the very initial mock up on the last October when I was on the train from NYC to LA (as I had nothing to do there!) and since then I've invested a significant amount of time on this project.(This could be the reason of the blog's delay, perhaps..)

Anyway, just have a look at the gallery and you'll like it. I promise.
Oh, by the way, don't forget to turn up the volume.

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1st (Sat)
Jan 2011

coming back to Japan!

2010 has gone and it's already 2011. I'm finishing off this entry at JFK JAL first class lounge while waiting for the return flight to Japan. The flight is going to be operated by JAL's flagship seat setting, "JAL SUITE". It's perfect for the finale of First Class Backpacker, isn't it?

Looking back to a year ago, 31th Dec 2009, the overture was a classic comedy. Having used my "first" first class flight, I'd arrived at Bangkok in high spirits but on the very first night I was tricked and ripped off. Since then I haven't been lacking for any small troubles and laughing, such as missing flights, overslept, hangover and so forth. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for that I managed travelling during this whole year without any critical accidents.

I read over again the first entries writing about the purpose of this trip and I suppose my missions are reasonably fulfilled. So deep and rich are the memories of this trip that I can instantly recall where I was and what I ate 9 months ago for instance. It would've been impossible to find such interesting experiences if I'd stayed at Japan and kept the daily life.

My aspiration of 2011 is finding the way how to transform those daily life into rich memories. It depends on your perception whether your life is exciting or dull. The truth to be told, I sometimes felt tired of travelling when the unusual trips were becoming my usual days. However, because of that I know what entertains, inspires and energises me, I can finish this travel with a lot of pleasure. Presumably, I'll be able to make my daily life's memories in Japan deeper and richer if I try to follow my callings as though I'm on the trip.

On the other hand, in terms of updating this blog, I'm thinking over it and bit regretting it too. I'm prone to compromise the updating schedule trading with the quality. I could've been a tougher client for myself and published it often. Anyway, I'll keep writing my travel journal after coming back to Japan. Even though it takes a couple of years, I have to keep the promise with myself. It should be fine as I mentioned before, my memories on this trip are surprisingly clear. It wouldn't be blurred providing the logs of twitter, the private diary and the huge collection of the photographs. Please keep up with me for a while if you are still interested in my travel stories.

Speaking about the plans after coming back to Japan, I'm planning to stay at my family's house at Shizuoka for a few weeks and then settle in Tokyo again. I'm now seriously craving for working. Web designing, translation, photography, speaker, errand or whatever if you have any interesting business chances, please talk to me.

Well, it's time to go to the next destination, Japan which is just one of the destinations of my travel. Probably it's going to be longer than previous ones. But my journey will continue forever.

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