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It was just an accident that I came to Amsterdam or maybe I was led by the god of designing. Even though the registration of FITC was already full as I was an official contributor to the Adobe's mail magazine, the staff gave me a press pass. What great influences Adobe has. In fact, the presentations given by the super top designers from all over the world were absolutely fascinating. I would rate it was by far the most exciting moment I have had so far in this trip. And this fact made me realise that a job in the web industry is definitely my calling.(For the detail of the presentations, I contributed an article to Adobe. It's written in Japanese though.)

During the presentations, I was also impressed with their method of presentations, as well as the contents themselves. Though they are sort of "geeks" they are really confident in the presentations and talked very smoothly about their interests. Besides, they managed to capture the audiences' attentions with tiny jokes and emphasizing expressions. It was quite different from the most presentations I’d seen in Japan although there are some good speakers in Japan too. I'd like to adapt their style if I have a chance to make presentations in the future.


Because of the work which was absolutely top quality, I seriously came to think about my career after coming back to Japan though this trip is still not yet half way through. Probably, I'm confident in myself that I can easily earn my simple livelihood if I work in this industry. Yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about how to be better, a top creator like them. To put it bluntly, what kind of things do I need to do in order to become a FITC speaker for example?


Nonetheless, I analyse myself as a person who sadly doesn't have that level of madness towards creativity and I must do something different. And speaking so, I suppose versatility is undoubtedly my only weapon. I've been thinking of this for a very long time and in order to make maximum use of it, I need to be an ultimate generalist. Design, program, writing, photography, business, English, music, with doing all these I can stand in the centre of the creative process. At the very least I need to develop those skills until each professional admits me in their field and I can possibly lead them. Though there are too many things to do but I also need madness to get along with mad people.


Well, I'm actually exploring myself as well as the world. This trip gave me a time to make my vision clearer. Yet not only thinking, I have take some actions to achieve the vision.

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