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Wallpaper April 2011Today's second entry is the regular monthly calendar from Vancouver. Vancouver is often entitled "World's most livable city" and for sure it looked so beautiful and comfortable to live though it doesn't have special features.

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Wallpaper April 2011Although Tokyo hasn't regained its liveliness yet due to the earthquake, I'm just fine here just regretting not having written any travelogues this month again. Maybe this is because of the earthquake too.

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Wallpaper March 2011Phew, I've just made it on the last day of the month.
At the very first, I was planning to use February for the foundation works of my freelancing such as writing blogs, launching a business web site, designing a name card and such. However, some of my friends called me, saying "We have a bunch of project for you if you are available!" and as a result I had to start working again without warm-up.

Well, Although I was bit overwhelmed with the amount of job offers, I suppose it's quite positive for a freelancer who has just come back from the one year trip. The next thing I have to do is, optimizing the time usages and facing to the private productions. Maybe I shouldn't have played the games on the iPhone X(.

The first and the last post of this month is this regular monthly calendar. This nightscape is from Griffith Observatory, LA. So vast is their land, unlike NYC, Tokyo and other big cities, that LA doesn't need skyscrapers. The two dimensional scene illuminated by the countless streetlights and headlights seemed as if it was a part of Sci-Fi world.

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