Hello, I'm Satoshi Onoda a web designer from Tokyo.In 2010 I'll be taking a full year sabbatical and travelling around the world. What's more, as the title of this blog indicates, I bought a First Class round the world ticket! I'd like to see many different sorts of worlds, from local streets to luxurious flights. Please enjoy this unusual form of travel with me as a "First Class Backpacker".

I was born in Shizuoka City in Japan on the 15th of September 1983.

My first encounter with the internet during high school inspired me to become a web designer though I'd been an ordinary student until then. After graduating high school, I moved to Tokyo to go to a technical college but quit after two years and decided to go to Australia to learn English.

By making web sites and contributing to a technical book, I saved up and went to Perth Australia. If I were to describe my life in Perth with three words, I would say they were English, photography and parties. It was during that time that the idea of a round the world trip started to become more than just a dream.

After coming back to Japan as a freelancer I worked for some design agencies creating flash sites, developing mobile applications, and writing html amongst other things. I regularly worked gruelling hours but my dream to travel gave me the strength to persevere.

Finally, after waiting for many years, on the eve of 2010, my journey as a first class backpacker began.

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