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17th (Tue)
Nov 2009

Another Purpose of My Round the World Trip

photoLast time I finished the entry in a roundabout way and as a matter of fact there is another purpose of the trip. It is not "to find girlfriends on each continent", of course.
In reality, I'm thinking of this trip as a period of training as a web designer. Unless I get along with an Arab oil tycoon or settle in Bangkok as a lifetime backpacker, I will probably work in the web design area again. And if it's possible I'd like to be a successful freelancer in Tokyo. In order to do so, I'm planning to make use of this blog as a portfolio for future jobs.

A blog as a portfolio

In general, blogs are ready made web template systems into which their users just need to put their writings and pictures. As you can see however, this site is designed from scratch though I followed some typical rules of normal blogs. Despite the total flexibility, this method challenges my skill in designing and coding. But this should be the best way to demonstrate my techniques as an experienced designer and developer.

So far, some friends have told me that this site is totally different from other Japanese blogs and I'm glad to hear comments like this. But anyway many pages are still under construction and I should keep on adding more contents. Incidentally, ExpressionEngine which is the core system of this blog is awaiting a major update at the beginning of December. Probably, I'll make a new structure with the new system before my departure on 31st December.

Contents is the King

In addition to being a professional web designer, I actually have business experience as a writer and photographer. Although I don't want declare myself as a professional in these two areas, I still have my own view of them. And during the trip, I'll keep up with both of them. It is often cited, 'Quantity makes quality'. I hope writing and photographing a lot brings me to the next level of my career.

In a manner of speaking, I'm working for myself and that is the toughest client who doesn't allow any compromises. Through this project, I'd like to make my own style which nobody else can follow.
Mind you, I don't forget the main purpose of my trip is simply enjoying it. Just I'd like to kill many birds with one stone as this is a great chance to pursue my interests whilst being freed from tedious daily business.

Well, this has been a long personal story. Next time, I'll write about the round the world tickets.

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01:46 20th Jan 2010

brian | No Debt World Travel

brian | No Debt World Travel said:

Satoshi-san, congratulations on your trip!

You can also work as a web designer as you travel. Many people do this and can stay on the road for a long time.

14:11 20th Jan 2010


satoshi said:

Thank you for the comment. Yes, this job helps my travel certainly.

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