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31st (Thu)
Dec 2009

[day0] Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo Since the first flight left Narita Airport in the morning and the distance between Shizuoka which is my home town and the airport is too long to make a direct trip on the day, I decided to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo as this has long been a dream of mine. It's much easier and safer to take an airport limousine bus as it takes me to the airport terminal directly and in case I overslept the hotel staff would shake me out of the bed. Incidentally, the airport limousine is not for hotel users only. Maybe you can use it someday. I can certainly recommend using it.

I have been longing to stay at this Park Hyatt Tokyo with someone special for more than 5 years. Surprisingly, one of my sisters got a job there some years ago and its restaurants became much more accessible than before but staying still seemed out of my league. Nevertheless, this is the last chance for the next year and staying there would match the concept of this trip of going to various sorts of places. Finally, I made up my mind to book a normal deluxe type room with a rack rate as there is no discount available for the holiday season.

Club on the Park

The image with which I come up when I talk about Park Hyatt is gym and pool area located on the 46th floor of the building. Unfortunately, I couldn't take photos as there are other visitors but I really enjoyed being there. A spacious high ceiling and a dazzling Tokyo night view, though the pool is not that big (only 20m), if I could exercise here every day I would work out harder than ever. I didn't enter the spa area, but 1km of crawl made my stomach ready for the dinner.

The Last Supper

Park Hyatt TokyoThe Last Supper was held at the New York Grill & Bar which as well as the hotel itself had been brought into the spotlight by an Oscar winning movie, ‘Lost in Translation.’ This time we sit at table near window and I thought any girl would be positively knocked out by this view and atmosphere. We ordered beef steaks for the main and some a la carte menu as I had insider information that their course menu would bloat my stomach. Although I guess there are many better restaurants than there but the rib eye steak I had there is the best for now. I’m looking forward to eating some in Australia and Argentine.

New York BarAfter the restaurant, we had a dessert which had a surprising message from my sisters at the bar. With listening to live music and eating delicious sweets, I felt as if I'm in an inside of a movie. Multilingual conversations could be heard over the tender rhythms of foreign musicians. I was wondering about the country where I was at the time. I guess it was the best place to ponder over the worlds I'm going to for this trip.

A comfortable room

Park Hyatt TokyoThe quality of the room was actually awesome. In fact, I had stayed at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo and this place compared favourably, in fact, I’d even say I prefer the design of the Park Hyatt. A simmering plain light behind a mini bar, a big bath tub in a massive marble setting, a large, simple bed, I feel comfortable with this less decorative design style. As I stretched out in the roomy bathroom, I considered having a room like this myself in the future.

The pool with night view, the delicious meal, the generous bath and bed, I had a fabulous time like a dream and woke up from a real dream at 5:00. It's almost the time for the airport limousine.

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